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How It Works

What can I actually do here?

Right now, you can find out where all the live performances by Chicago's greatest blues players are happening. Even play live online in our open jam sessions. In the near the future - who knows? Stay tuned.

Who gets the tip jar money?

Every tip jar the artists use can be different. But we can say this, we don't take one dime from ticket sales or anyone's tip jar. Right now, we do all this as a pay it forward for artists that inspire us.

Can I put my live gig up here?

Absolutely. Contact us and send us all the stuff we'd need from you. As Jr. Wells would say, 'a one, a two, you know what to do'.


Is the site secure?

Absolutely. Check out the ssl lock next to the url at the top and the security badge at the very bottom of the page. They don't hand those out to everyone.


Do we pay you for tickets?

Right now, we don't take anyone's moola. If there's a ticket sale button to click for a show, that links will send you to the artists payment site.


What if I have a problem with the live stream?

If we host or stream a show on this site, you'll get all the info of what to do well before air time. If we don't host or stream it here, it's up to the host and whatever platform you watch it from. Talk to the artist or host themselves.


Will you have more artists here?

We're sure hoping so. All of this is in the infancy stage so hang tight, the word is out.

I'm good. Can I post my gigs here?

Are you, or have you ever been a Chicago blues musician? Do you play the style of blues that you'd hear coming from Legends, Rosa's, Kingston Mines, House of Blues, Blue Chicago or B.L.U.E.S? Then heck yeah. Let's jam here.

Open Mic Jam Sessions

When are they?

Right now, every Sunday at 3:00pm CST

Do I have to play the blues?


Is it free?


What are the technical requirements?

1. You have to have an internet connection. 2. You have to download and use a safe, secure app we send you. 3. You have to do it all on a Chrome or Safari browser.

Will it work on any other browser than Chrome?

No, not right now.

How does it work?

Check out the instructions on our Open Mic page here.

Have a question we haven't answered for you?

Send us a message and we'll reply quicker than an eight bar shuffle.

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